Bad landlord - Warning

I want to pass this along to the Davis community. If you see an ad for an apartment at 243 Highland Ave, Do Not rent this apartment. The landlord, Yan "Eric" Sun, is a slumlord and dangerously, violently short-tempered.

Multiple windows are cracked or broken, the pipes in the basement are exposed to the elements(what fun in winter!), he doesn't have working carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, and the capper to this charming joint is the squirrels that routinely get into the kitchen, ensuring you can't keep anything but canned food(they'll gnaw the cans too).

Eric has been reported to the Board of Health and isn't allowed to rent until the 5 pages of violations are fixed, but given his disregard for the law, I'm sure a little thing like the law isn't going to stop him.

Hey techie friends

So, I'm running Windows XP. Ended up with a Trojan on here; "TR/ConHook.D.3"(and apparently D.4 too). I've got Avira Antivirus but that's not doing shit to clear it out, it seems. Can anybody recommend a good antivirus program, preferably free, that I can get to make this thing healthy again? I really don't have the money to drop on bringing it to a shop and getting it cleaned up.